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UAS IPS - Ice Protection System

Optimal for MALE UAVs and general aviation, low energy consumption, light weight.

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High quality cyclic removal of ice accretion from wing surfaces while flying in icing conditions. Patented concept. Tested and demonstrated in operationally representative environments.

Main Functions:

■ Effective Ice Removal & Prevention

    Ice residuals < 0.5mm

■ Low Electric Power Consumption

    1%-5% of AV nominal cruise Power

■ Light Weight

    2%-4% of AV max T/O weight

■ Simple Installation & low cost Maintenance

TRL (DoD) 6-7

Main Elements:

■ Actuators

■ Thermal Mat

■ Surface Coating

■ Control Unit

■ Battery Backup (optional)


Wing Assembly:

■ Actuators are easily assembled and disassembled from wing side.

■ System assembly has no impact on wing aerodynamics.

■ Optimal for long endurance UAVs having laminar flow wings.

​UAV Perception:​

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