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Low/Medium Altitude Long Endurance Land/Marine Unmanned Aerial Vehicles


Following the trend of dramatic shrinking of size and weight of most of the UAVs payloads and electronics, we identify the need for Affordable High Performance Safe and Reliable small UAVs.

Our solution building blocks:

Small UAVs with state of the art performance, safety and reliability of big UAVs.

  • Optimal high lift low reynolds aerodynamics

  • Highly efficient composite structure

  • Smart system redundancy with modern avionics

  • Dual payload design to enhance mission performance

  • VTOL system kit, allows any field operation


Our competitive advantages:

Reducing system footprint size while maintaining safety and reliability.

  • Enables our customers to invest in the top payloads existing

  • Dramatically reduces system’s lifetime logistic cost



Wingspan 13.5 ft - Length 5.2 ft

Takeoff Weight 55 lb - Cruise Speed 43 kts

Endurance 24 hrs - TRL (DoD) 6-7

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UAS40 Advanced UAV


Wingspan 19 ft - Length 7.2 ft

Takeoff Weight 108 lb - Cruise Speed 41 kts

Endurance 24 hrs - TRL (DoD) 4-5

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Wingspan 19 ft - Length 7.2 ft

Takeoff Weight 142 lb - Cruise Speed 46 kts

Endurance 16 hrs - TRL (DoD) 4-5

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