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UAS Data Link
UAS Data Link


  • Bi-dir. broadband & secure IP link

  • Operation on the move – mobile vehicle or ground station communicating with air vehicle

  • Ground control station can be switched 

  • Enables N-LOS operation

  • Long-range LOS communication

  • Enables Urban operation

  • Multiple ground units working in parallel with single vehicle

  • Single ground station operating multiple vehicles

  • Low size and weight

  • Optimized for lightweight embedded platforms: Helicopter, UAV/UGV/USV, Security Cameras

  • Generic Hardware & Open Platform, 4G LTE based Software Defined Radio (SDR) modem solution

  • Vehicle DC power or battery operated - dual feed for redundancy and hot-swap during operation

  • Support for Mobile P2P, MP2MP

  • Embedded extension card:

    • H.264 HD / SD Real time Video encoder Decoder

    • Embedded GPS for location based services & applications

    • Wi-Fi Access Point for local connectivity


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